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I was convicted of 2nd degree rape of a child in king county

Resolved Question:

I was convicted of 2nd degree rape of a child in king county Aug.1994.released 2000 did not go to prison. was step daughter. 15 yrs later family is still together and is a normal functional family.Live in Yakima county and have since 1994. our family was a case used to change some of the rules and policies regrarding putting families together due to liabilities for the state. I want to know if I can get my gun rights restored and close my back ground records for the purpose of seeking a job. I have 4 yrs of education and a history of work up until last yr. But since 911 even low paying jods require back ground information.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 7 years ago.

Unfortunately, as you have apparently already learned, a sex offense is a permanent bar to the restoration of your gun rights in Washington State. Also, it does not appear that your case is one that could be eligible for expungement either as it would be a case against a person. (See link to state expungement laws).

Your only remedy, apart from eventual removal from the Sex Registration website, would be to seek a pardon from the Governor. While that would not get the conviction off of your record, it would nevertheless allow for your conviction to display as "pardoned by the governor," which would still show prospective employers that the state has acknowledged officially that you have turned your life around. You would not need an attorney to do this for you, though there are those who specialize in this type of law. You would petition the Governor. It is a time-consuming process and it's difficult to succeed at getting pardoned. To learn more about it and whom to contact, you can click on the Washington State guide to the pardon process here.


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