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how do I file embezzlement charges in Texas The person

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how do I file embezzlement charges in Texas?
The person I created an LLC with, has been stealing and lieing. (I hold the majority percentage of the company) The company is listed here in Tarrant County.
I shut the company down friday..cancelling all our vendor accounts, closing bank accounts etc. He knows he was busted, and will not cooperate with me.
He has been cashing vendor checks instead of depositing them into the bank account.
Use the commercial checking account to withdraw money stating they are to pay employees, giving fake names etc. (the employees were not real people)
The home office equipment, plus files are at his home location in Austin. I went to pick up everything...(drove 31/2 hrs from Fort Worth To Austin).He refused to give me the equipment and files. He did give me the computer, but it did not work, because he had taken the inside parts out of the computer tower, so I could not get more evidence against him. I need the actual paper files, to pay the employees 1099's by the end of January? I have the cancelled checks from a customer/vendor,,,where he cashed them himself, and kept the money (secreting assets)
What can I do? Do I go to the county constable office and file embezzlement charges?
Taking the guts out of the computer indicates his intent?

You can go directly to the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office and file a complaint with the Economics Crimes Unit. If they feel there is merit to the case they will assign investigators to collect evidence for the prosecuting attorneys who are assigned to the unit so that they can prosecute the case. Before going to their office you will want to organize your evidence to the degree that you can. In particular, specifically what your former business partner did that was wrongful with each incident detailed, how much the value or cash was that was lost to the business, what you know about how he did it and where any property is, and evidence, by way of your LLC documents, as the what his relation to the business was.
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