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My 14 year old daughter snuck out of the house last night and

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My 14 year old daughter snuck out of the house last night and was stopped by the police. She was in the company of another girl and boy her age,and some 19 year old boys. She left her backpack in the boys car. Later that night the police called and told me that there was a report by one of the parents that the girls had illegal mushrooms in their possession, apparently in my childs backpack. The police are apparrently looking for the pack. We live in Oregon and I am very concerned about the possible consequences. What can I expect to happen? What should I do to protect my child?
Here I would not do anything until and unless she is asked to come in for questioning. In that event she needs to have an attorney present. Here it may depend on what the others say. Right now it is simply unsubstantiated and since she left the pack in the car anything could have been put in it at a later time. You should also have her privately drug tested.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

What is the worst that could happen to her? She has never been in trouble before.

The worst that could happen is that she is charged as a juvenile with possession of illegal drugs. The charge would depend on the total amount. However here it is probably the boys that are in the most trouble. They are 19 and she is 14. They can be charged with contributing to the deliquency of a minor as a minimum and that is probably where the mudhrooms came from.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
If she is so charged and convicted what would happen? Does this typically result in probation? Community service? fines?
There is no way to really speculate until and unless she is actually charged with something since it could be a variety of charges from a misdemeanor to a felony. Here I do not see that there is enough evidence for an arrest but that will depend on the facts and whether the detective decides to follow up on anything. Thanks for using justanswer.