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Fayette County Georgia, State Court. I was subpoenaed as a

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Fayette County Georgia, State Court. I was subpoenaed as a witness for the prosecution in a case against to 2 acquaintances. The case involves possession of marijuana for both and resisting arrest for one of the guys. Don't know if I should go into the details, but the botXXXXX XXXXXne is both cases were transferred from a local city court to state court. In the interim between transfer of the cases, I moved to Connecticut - 950+ miles from the court. I am not as yet employed and absolutely have no way to pay to go to Georgia to be a witness. Am I off the hook?? I was thinking of calling the court and asking the question, but I also want to know from an outside expert source. I do not have money for an attorney either. One more thing: The 2 defendants are actually former friends. We had a falling out not related to the case (at least I don't think it's related). I have reason to believe they may be trying to blame the incident for which they were arrested.

You must notify the prosecutor who subpoenaed you that you no longer live in the State. If they still want to call you as a witness they will have to pay your witness fees. That would be your transportation, hotel, loss of work, etc.If you are concerned about incriminating yourself, then you can claim the 5th Amendment Right Against Self-Incrimination when you are asked an incriminating question on the stand. You can also consult with a local criminal law attorney about the specifics of the case to get their opinion about any real criminal exposure you might have in the case.
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