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I live outside the United States and I am not American I am

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I live outside the United States and I am not American I am from somewhere in the Persian gulf and I used to sell some copy righted stuff online not knowing all of the rules about copy right in US and now i got a call on my Skype asking me to call back for arraignment and i have no idea what to say. What should i do? I am 24 and i am just a student i found all those stuff from contacts online and sold them didn’t know anything about copy right so please tell me what I should do

One other thing someone online told me he wants to use my PayPal for a business he has and that he will share the amount with me he told me that he has no PayPal in his country and that he sells projects to students and he asked me to send his share by western union anyway I agree and he was getting a lot of money, I think there is a possibility that he also used to sell those copy righted resources online and used my PayPal, I don’t know if this is what the call for arraignment is about or its for what I did

If I am understanding this correctly, you say that you let someone met on line use your PayPal account to receive payents for a business of some kind and he has promised you money for this. And now you are getting a call about an arraignment which may be related to what this other person is using your PayPal account for or may be related to your own violation of copyright laws.

1) You are letting somebody potentially launder illegal funds through your PayPal account. You don't even know what business he's got, but if it's illegal it's traceable to you and not to him. You should close your PayPal account immediately.

2) You are not in the US. You have not been arrested in the US. An arraignment is the first court date after an arrest. The call does not make much sense to me, especially as I can't see police, or a court Skyping you..

I can't be sure exactly what's going on here but whether the call is about what your online business partner is doing (because that's if you're involved in a joint profit sharing enterprise) or what you were doing yourself, it seems the authorities may be onto you, and you could be in trouble in the US if you try to come back here.

You should go find yourself a lawyer where you are and talk to him about this whole thing before you return the call you got on Skype. He will probably tell you not to return the call at all, and that's what I'm inclined to tell you. If the police have enough to arrest you, they can come get you. If not, you don't have to call them up and help them do it. If your lawyer thinks otherwise once he hears all of what you have to say to him, he can handle the phone call for you and find out what sort of trouble you may be in.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I will click accept for sure , just clear more things for me please i feel secure talking with you I live exactly in kindgdom of Bahrain its in the middle east, you mentioned that they can come and get me!! but as i told you i am not American and i am Bahrani and I hold Bahraini passport so what can they do? I mean wont i be judged on my country's law in worst cases ? they have all my info from paypal I guess ,the number that i was asked to call back on was XXX-XXX-XXXX and when i called earlier to check where is this exactly they told me its arraingments anyway the voice mail stated exactly as following '' Hi mate this is Frank Wiley I need to ask a quick question we are in arraignments and i was hoping you could give me a call XXX-XXX-XXXX Thanks'' and as i told you when i called back and asked for his they told me to call back on monday , the things that the other guy sold i think they were what they call them test bank and solution manual ( questions that instructors use for exams, and solutions to books exercises) the payments that i got on paypal all mentioned Project and a unique number like Project 023332 nothing about a book or resource name i think it was a trick to fool me but i had a feeling he was doing this thing anyway i provided all i have please review what i said and let me know and ill accept right away

Thanks allot


It is very late here (1:30 AM) and I have to get some sleep. I will answer this in the morning. I am beginning to see what's going on, I think. Meanwhile if you can answer a couple of questions, I will find them in the morning.

Is Frank Wiley the name of the person who is using your account? If not, did Frank Wiley say who he was? Do you know what country Frank Wiley called you from?

Briefly though, so that you won't worry too much, if this really was a call from arraignments, then it's the other guy they are interested in and the other guy has been arrested somewhere.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


No the guy who uses my account is from Pakistan and his name is XXXXX XXXXX and i am sure of it because i send him money using western union, I can't tell where is he calling me from it was an unknown number and he didn't mention who he is at all but when I called that number i mentioned to you i don't know if you were able to see it so ill write it in words seven one eight six one eight two four three eight , when they first answer they told me directly that its arraignments and when i asked for Mr. Frank Wiley they told me he left the office and will be back on Monday, the other guy is not arrested for sure he was chatting with me today he is in Pakistan as i told you safe and secure. About my old activities which was around 9 month ago I got an email from a lawyer in NY '''' it was documents they received in response to their subpoena on PayPal inc. but what makes me think it's not the same case is that i changed my PayPal and my email after that and this Skype number which i got the call on is connected to my totally new email which is also related to my new PayPal the one i am getting the money in right now from the Pakistani guy. I know i am giving you a hard time with me but I promise to give you a good bonus for your good work Miss Fran.


Let me know if you need any other information I'll be happy to provide it to you

btw happy new year @-)--

Good night and sweet dreams

Good morning, over here, anyway, and thank you for your patience and for answering my questions.

I don't know everything you are in the middle of, but I can tell you that if you are in Bahrain, the person who got you into this mess is in Pakistan, and the law firm that you heard from is in NYC, and the call you got from arraignments is in the States in a 718 area code -- likely the Bronx with a 618 exchange -- you ought to sever your ties with your acquaintance in Pakistan, close your PayPal account, get on with your studies and pursue a different (and lawful) way of making money.

You've got three countries involved here so far that I know of, and if the call you got was from arraignments, somebody in the States has been arrested based on something that you've been involved in. Whether or not anyone is looking to press criminal charges against you is something I can't tell for sure from here. Right now, I don't think so. What I can see, however, is that US authorities appear to be investigating a criminal enterprise that you are a part of. By allowing someone to use your account and by letting him launder his funds through PayPal, it's you that can be traced and not the person in Pakistan.

Calls from arraignments are from lawyers looking for information that can be used to help their arrested clients get out of jail while their cases are pending. They do this by verifying information that their clients have told them, so that they can tell the judge that the Prosecution's case is weaker than it looks on paper. If the client is claiming, for example, that all he did was to buy something from you that he didn't know was illegal, the lawyer might call you to confirm a part of his story. If what you tell the lawyer will help his client, ("I spoke to a Mr. So-and-so at this phone number, your honor and he told me . . . ") he will identify you on the record to the judge and the prosecutor. You don't want that.

So I would not call arraignments back, if I were you. You have no duty to cooperate with this lawyer. You don't even know who has been arrested. You personally didn't sell anything to anyone yourself -- not from this PayPal account. This is related to the Pakistanian, and believe me, you don't want to be further implicated in whatever is going on than you already are.

I don't think you are presently personally at risk for an arrest. The law firm that contacted you on your earlier matter is a civil firm here in NYC. They handle copyright matters and whatever else they may have wanted, it was not for a criminal case. Arraignments, on the other hand is the courtroom where a criminal defendant is first brought before a judge at the beginning of his criminal case. So again, someone in the US has been arrested and you are linked to it by something that person told his lawyer. (Probably -- but not definitely -- just who he paid at PayPal).

Walk away from all of this while you still can.

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Edited by FranL on 1/2/2010 at 4:07 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks allot your really a great person, by the way you just didnt answer a small question, if the case some how reaches here Bahrain wont I be judged based on my country's law?


Thanks and i am closing every thing now

Believe me, I know that this is not a small question. . .

I am not an expert on international law. However, if you are somehow flagged as a participant in an international conspiracy case which would likely be a US Federal case, I do not believe that Bahrain has an extradtion treaty with the US. So your country would not have to hand you over to the US. If you have broken laws in Bahrain relating to this, you could face prosecution under your own law.

If I've helped, please click the green Accept button so I can get credit for my work.

This thread will not close and you can always use it to get clarification.This is informational only and is NOT legal advice. There is no attorney-client relationship. You are advised to consult an attorney in your state for specific legal advice.

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