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Is there a North Carolina or Davidson County law, regulation,

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Is there a North Carolina or Davidson County law, regulation, or ordinance against an individual discharging a rifle on his own property within any specific distance from an occupied dwelling?

I have did extensive search and found the Davidson County Ordinance, but because it is a photo of the ordinance, I cannot paste it here, but here is the link:

It is on page 175 or there abouts. It is section 130.02.

It does not state any violation for discharge near a dwelling and the NC state law basically gives a 100 yard distance from the house or houses.

I would suggest talking to the father and voicing your concerns for an inexperienced marksman making an error in his target could have dire consequences this near homes. He would be better off taking them to a shooting range or far out in the woods with targets and away from people. There should be enough hunting woods to do this.

However, if you feel that you or others are in danger from their activities, I would call the sheriff and ask for assistance. You cannot be too careful and while you want to be a good neighbor, you don't want to be shot either!

I wish you the best.

Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. Good luck and Godspeed.

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Sorry for the grammar errors in my post!!! "I have did" I just noticed it!!! I am glad to see that the Sheriff confirm my findings. I wish you the very best and remember to DUCK....

Sorry, I could not resist!