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I failed to appear for sentencing on DUI in Colorado 16 years

Customer Question

I failed to appear for sentencing on DUI in Colorado 16 years ago (1993). I just received a notification, the first, that the county court wanted $65 for a fee. I called and the clerk told me of the DUI. I have lived in Wisconsin since 1994. Will they extradite me?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  J.Hazelbaker replied 7 years ago.

No. But, a warrant is likely in effect and will not expire until the matter is resolved. So, your best course of action is to resolve it now.


You might be able to do this yourself by contacting the court and getting the contact information for the prosecuting/district attorney handling your case. They probably won't know as the staff has undoubtedly changed since your citation. Just be persistent and ask the office who you should talk to in order to negotiate a resolution.


You can also hire a local attorney to handle it. It's possible that he/she could resolve it without you even appearing. You can locate a local attorney by contacting the Colorada Bar Association legal referall service (google).


Please let me know, if you have follow-up questions.


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I appreciate your "Accepting" my answer if it has been helpful to you. Doing so allows me to continue helping in this manner. Thank you.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for the advise. I actually think that I went thru alcohol accessment here in Wis for this offence to get my license. But...I hate to stir anything up.


Expert:  J.Hazelbaker replied 7 years ago.
It's unlikely anyone remembers or that there are any records to prove any particular position. And it's likely that whoever get's handed the case will simply want it out of their hands as soon as possible. If you offer to pay a fine and court costs, there's a good chance it will be resolved. But, there's always a chance that you could get some righteous person who wants to open up the can of worms. In the end, you have to balance the cost/benefits. If there is a warrant, it won't go away. If there isn't a warrant, one won't issue now, if you pay the fee. Perhaps that will be all that it takes to make it go away.

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