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I have a friend who is a repeat offender for drug violations,

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I have a friend who is a repeat offender for drug violations, He was wrongly accused in a raid in a hotel while he was outside the room. He had no narcotics on his body at the time of the arrest. the drugs were found in the accusers vehicle.. in his statement he said the drugs were not his but they were "toms" the guy outside. For whatever reason Tom was arrested and charged with posession manufacturing and intent to deliver. The accuser has openly admitted that his testimony was not truthful about the owner of the drugs. Since he admitted he lied once no doubt it can happen again. what legal methods can be used to get this testimony admitted as evidence without violating any civil rights of this scoundrel. because of the defendants prior record I believe the police did what they saw fit given the circumstances. prior record ect... could you please tell me what to do next or am i grasping at straws to get my friend free? I ask this most respectively thank you steven geer
does he have a trial date comming up
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes i dont think it has gone to trial yet.
prior to trial the testimony of the accusser will not be challenged, at trial he should be called as a witness and cross examined by the defense attorney, where the prior statements can come into evidence. Also, advise his attorney of the prior statements and possibly an investigator can be hired to obtain witnesses to the accussers allegations, so that could be given to the prosecutors office prior to trial
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
would a taped confession of this be admissable if it was done by a licensed agent that does this type of work?
a taped confession could be admissable it really depends on the context of the recording, and if their was a witness to the confession who can testify to the authenticity of the recording.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you very helpful as i was not sure what to do in this great forum of discussion thank you T