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I am asking my question on behalf of a friend. He is wanted

Customer Question

I am asking my question on behalf of a friend. He is wanted in another state for a felony (georgia) He was arrested in CA while in a car with someone else that was pulled over. Is there a time limit that Georgia has to come get him? At this time there is a hold but not sure what is going on .
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  dkennedy replied 7 years ago.



I need some clarification before I can answer your question.


He is wanted in Georgia?


And, also possibly California?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well, he had a misdemeanor in CA which he served 6 days in Orange county already but he is wanted in Georgia.
Expert:  dkennedy replied 7 years ago.



If there is a warrant out for him regarding charges filed in Georgia, there is no time limit. That warrant will stay active forever, unless it is dropped for some reason.


With a felony warrant, depending on what the alleged crime is, they could be actively pursuing his whereabouts. He should consider speaking to a lawyer in Georgia and getting some advice on turning himself in. Often, there can be an agreement struck ahead of time. Then the client turns himself in and a reasonable bond is set immediately allowing the guy to bond out. Then, the case can proceed to a trial or whatever the guy decides to do.


It only gets worse as time goes by. I wish your friend the best.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I figured the warrant will be active especially being a felony but how long does Georgia have to come get him. Maybe you answered this and I misunderstood. Is there a certain time that orange county jail will hold him for georgia before they come get him? Such as 30 days..etc if Georgia doesn't come he can be realeased and then the wise thing would be is to get a georgia lawyer and turn himself in.

Expert:  dkennedy replied 7 years ago.



Okay, you are now telling me that he is in jail in California. Again, Georgia's warrant will stay active. Depending on how long California wants to hold him, they can come get him any time. Each jurisdiction has a policy on how long they will hold someone on a "detainer" for another state. My guess is that Cali will not hold him long. The jails are too crowded. But, if they want to just keep him, they could. The reason is, again, that there is an ongoing warrant.

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