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I have a misdemeanor trial tomorrow afternoon in which I have

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I have a misdemeanor trial tomorrow afternoon in which I have five witness's on my part and the state has just the acusor who is stating that I threatened to slit her throat. (backround- she was an employee that refused to finish work before she left so I stated that if she did not properly do her job I would cut her shifts on the fallowing weeks schedule) I was originally going to retain my own counsil but after a recent layoff I am unable to afford one and called the court to notify them and was told to just come into court and explain to the judge about the layoff. What should I do? I feel the judge may be upset by this but I had no way o reach him as they would not let me speak to him. Also with so many people stating that the girl is making false statements to try to sue the company and myself for self gain why does the state procede?

You will have an opportunity to speak to the judge an dell him that your financial condition has changed and that you could not afford an attorney. You can ask if you're qualified for a public defender to represent you. If you do, the judge may postpone the hearing to allow you time to confer with your attorney. If you don't qualify, you'll have the hearing.


If she can't prove you did anything wrong, and you have witnesses to support your position, you should have a good defense.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Everyone keeps telling me that I have a good defense, yet I still do not understand why even move foreward with something and waste money on the part of the state?

I have considered just representing myself and questioning the witness's myself due to the fact that they are managers and employees of the same company and where all physically present.

The court can't dismiss the suit or make a decision about the merits of the case until it is brought before it. Thus, even if the charges are frivilous, you have to go through the process.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Last part... I just noticed it is set for bench trial in your opinion should i go with that or request jury trial
You are entitled to a jury trial. However, a judge is not going to let emotion get in the way like a jury may.
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