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In 1987 I was living in Illinois, I went home to visit friends

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In 1987 I was living in Illinois, I went home to visit friends in Plymouth Indiana where I subsequently was arrested for a DUI. I lost my job in Illinois an moved back to Plymouth. I had two drivers licenses which I surrendered to the officer the night of my arrest. Now 22 years later I went to get my license renewed in Indiana which I have done 4 previous times in Indiana and found out I have a hit in Illinois for my drivers license and since The real ID act of 2005 information is being exchanged between states. I lost my job in April and this has caused me extreme financial hardship over the last few months since my livelyhood required be able to drive. I paid my debt to society in 1987 with a fine and jail time, 7 days. Now 22 years later the State of Illinois wants a $500 reinstatement fee so I can get my Indiana license which I have previously before the Real ID act. I haven't resided in Illinois for 22 years and only a short time before my arrest. Any information would be greatly appreciated on this since this violation an convinction was sold old. I was good to drive In Indiana for the previous 22 years I'm having problems with this now. It's causing me severe financial hardship and loss of opportunity for work.
Thanks for your help.
Michael Riffle
This is a mess, and I agree it's unfair.

Times are tough, and these extra fees and administrative hoops states make you jump through become nice little state revenue producers. Illinois knows, just as you and I do, that it will probably cost you more in travel, time, aggravation and money, to try to resolve this than it will be to pay the $500 for an Illinois debt assessed retroactively because of a 22-year old Indiana conviction which you addressed and paid for back then in timely fashion.

You are going to need official proof that this crime was addressed and disposed of and that your license has been clear since 1987. As the DUI was an Indiana misdemeanor, you will have to obtain this from the prosecutor's office. They can get the case from archives and draft you a letter on official letterhead and under an official seal that case was closed and your privilege to drive was restored 22 years ago. Then you would have to take that to the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles, and attempt to have them lift the suspension. Once that is lifted, Indiana should simply let you apply for your license.

You have to clear up the Illinois matter in Illinois. You won't be able to do it by phone or mail. If they deny you, your remedy would involve hiring an Illinois lawyer. So you see where this is going -- deep into the heart of your wallet.

i wish there were some other way, but there isn't.


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