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How to get a new public defender in the state of nevada for

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How to get a new public defender in the state of nevada for a criminal case.
My son has tried innumeral amounts of times to call his attorney from HDSP. They refuse to take his calls. He is incarcerated and is limited to what he can do from prision. One of the other co-defendts had their charges overturned due to errors made during the traffic stop.I tried to call his attorney and wrote a letter but they will not respond to me either. I need to know how to proceed. My son and I do not have any money. We need to have a public defender. Please advise me what to do. thank you

Determine whether there is a misunderstanding or a genuine conflict between defendant and attorney. If the public defender is providing inadequate service, then advise the public defender of the defendant's concerns in a concise written list. You should meet with the lawyer's boos at the public defender's office to review these concerns and attempt to resolve them before proceeding to fire the attorney.


Next, notify the court in writing of the defendant's request to fire the public defender if his concerns can not be worked out with the attorney.


Elaborate on the reasons for requesting that the public defender be fired at a hearing scheduled by the court for consideration of the defendant's request. Answer any questions the court may have, but do not engage in direct argument with the attorney, which may be considered contempt of court.


Be prepared to inform the court as to whether the defendant is requesting appointment of a replacement attorney, or is requesting to represent himself. Be aware that in many jurisdictions, the courts will only replace a public defender once or twice, after which they will make no further substitutions.


Await the court's determination on the defendant's request; most courts issue this decision either at the hearing or very shortly thereafter in order to expedite progress on the case.


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First, tell the judge the next time you are in court that your attorney is not adequately representing you. Better yet write to the court. Do not write any details except that you are moving the court to replace your pubic defender nd are requesting a hearing.


Next, at the hearing, do not provide any specifics about the problem you are having with your attorney until the prosecutor has been asked to leave the courtroom.


You must convince the court you are entitled to relief by showing your attorney is not providing adequate representation or that you and counsel have become embroiled in such an irreconcilable conflict that ineffective representation is likely to result.

You must back this up with specific facts and instances where he has failed. General statements are not going to cut it.


You must explain to the court, for example, precisely how many times your attorney has talked to you, including how many times he/she has come to the jail to see you in private; how many times you have asked unsuccessfully to see him; exactly what it is that needs to be investigated and why it's important to your defense, including names of proposed witnesses and how to contact them.


In order to be specific with the court, it is vital to keep records. Every time you see your lawyer, write it down. Every time you request to see your lawyer, write it down. Keep lists of the potential witnesses you passed on to your lawyer, including the means of contacting them. Every time you give your lawyer information to be investigated in your defense, write down the information and the dates you provided it. Then you can give this written confirmation to the court to prove your representation is inadequate.