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What is the law concerning the placement of Work Zone speed

Resolved Question:

What is the law concerning the placement of "Work Zone" speed limit signs from the actual site of the Work Area. A small suburb city has a two mile work zone posted along a 2 lane black top. The actual contruction area is about 100 feet wide on a rural east west crossroad in the middle of the stretch of zone
(1 mile from either end) the actual work site is against the black top but not actually along the road which I was driving. My State is Kansas. I was ticketed going 39 in the workzone posted at 25 with regular speed limit at 40 a half mile from the construction.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Dimitry Esquire replied 7 years ago.
Typically most states, including Kansas, designate "Work Zones" as locations where the signs are set up. Kansas, like other states, has signs that inform the drivers where and when the "work zone" is beginning, and it is irrelevant as to whether or not that location is being worked on at the time, or if it is empty (if signs designating it as a work zone are still up).


Dimitry Alexander Kaplun, Esq.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Are you saying that the actual zone where the work is performed is irrelevant and it is the placement of the signs that are important?

Expert:  Dimitry Esquire replied 7 years ago.
That is correct.

"Work Zone" signs that state "Begin Work Zone" are the beginning of the zone. This is typically done when the road work/maintenance is large and is done in segments. Rather than request a new rezoning order every time, the entity in charge of road construction and maintenance ropes off the whole section and slowly moves up and down through it while conducting maintenance and repairs.


Dimitry Alexander Kaplun, Esq.
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