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I have been stalked by the police department for five months

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I have been stalked by the police department for five months and every kind of man power they can use. I don't even know why and they won't tell me any information. Can a person get runned out of town for no reason?

Do you live in this town? If not, do you work there? Have you had previous trouble with the law there (arrest/conviction)? In what way are they "stalking" you?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I live in Durham, and have no criminal record and have not been in any trouble with the law. I believe that a guy I quit may have told a lie on me to make officials follow me. Law officials are using helicopter, street people, neighbors and the whole community to stak, follow and deprive me of my civil rights. I am not able to work, continue school or go anywhere with out being follow. Law officials have told me that they are not stalking me when half the town know that they are. How do one defend themselves against this?
This sounds awful and I can imagine how frustrating and nerve-wracking something like this is. Obviously, if they had anything at all on you, they'd have arrested you by now. You're probably correct that someone you know -- possibly your ex -- indicated to them that you're likely involved in some heavy duty illegal activity and they're checking it out.

If they tell you that they are not following you and that you are not under suspicion for any crime, if they are not stopping you, subjecting you to searches, questioning you about any of your activities, (or for that matter if they are) and you know there's no basis whatsoever for the police scrutiny and that you are innocent of any wrongdoings, you can lodge a formal complaint with internal affairs for a pattern of harassment and contact local government officials starting with the prosecutor and the mayor and all the way up the ""food chain." But more importantly you should consult with and retain the services of a local criminal attorney. He should be able to address what's going on far more efficiently than you and put a stop to it.


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Thank you for the Accept and the bonus. Meant to add that if you are not doing this already you should be documenting all contact and keeping careful records.

Best of luck with this!

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