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Are prank magazine subscriptions traceable if they were made

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Are prank magazine subscriptions traceable if they were made using the subscription cards in a magazine? I've
been getting various magazines for past several weeks which were not ordered by me. How can I catch the
person who did it? At this time, I have no idea who did it, and some of the magazines have sent me only copies
of the subscription cards, the handwriting on which I don't recognize. What are the chances of success in a case
such as this? Am I wasting my time trying to do anything other than canceling the subscriptions?

You have the right to file a police report for harassment.


Otherwise, yes, you're wasting your time.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your reply. I don't want to take too much of your time, but just need a thing or two clarified: 1) Do the magazines even keep the original cards? 2) Does fingerprinting cost a lost of time and money under these circumstances and have you ever heard it being done in such a matter? 3) Assuming that it could be done, because too many people have touched the cards, it is pretty useless for fingerprinting purposes or too time consuming?

1. I don't know; I doubt it.

2. Fingerprinting is expensive; no I have never heard of it being done in this situation, but then, I haven't heard of every situation in every state. :)

3. I think it would be useless because the card went through the mail, was it was handled by postal employees and employees of the magazine companies.


If you have a suspect, let the police know that. They may question the suspect; suspects often confess when faced with the police.


However, it's doubtful that the police in NJ will look into this, because they'll feel their resources are better spent elsewhere. If you can afford it, you may want to try a private investigator.



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Jane Doe Deer

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you so much. Just one last question. What can a PI do that the police can't or won't do?

A PI is a person for hire, and will do anything that is legal that you pay him or her to do.


The police have limited resources and prioritize what they work on. A murder case is going to be at the top of their priority list. Your case is going to be at the bottom.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks again Jane. I will add a bonus if you could clarify one other thing. Is a PI even going to be able to get fingerprints from the cards assuming that they even exist, and given the likelihood of multiple fingerprints on cards, are they even worth anything as far as proving a link to any partikcular person?
No, the PI can't get access to the cards. A lawsuit would need to be filed, and there would need to be a court order. And again, the cards are likely already recycled.
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