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I captain a tennis team and today after one of our matches

Resolved Question:

I captain a tennis team and today after one of our matches 2 ex-team players who are now on the opponents team, proceeded to talk negatively about me to my new teammates. When I approached her specifically about not doing that and if she had an issue to just tell me to my face and leave all this garbage at home, she proceeded to take the sandwich she was eating and smash it into my face. At this point I grabbed her hair and my teammates broke us up. She now claims she will file a police report. All seems ridiculous but I never would have touched her had she not touched me first. Just would like to know what my rights are? I am not as petty as her and think filing a report for her smashing the sandwich would be ridiculous but now think I may have to in order to protect myself? What happens when she files?? Some guidance would be appreciated....should I file first and if so where??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 8 years ago.



you will need to also file a police report on this and have her charged with the assault on you. if she files, you will be charged and a summons or subpoena for your appearance will be issued. so it is best to also file one. that way, when the prosecutor is evaluating these matters they can readily see that it was a self-defense situation. this is the type of thing where the prosecutor should be willing to dismiss the charges but with the stipulation that you both attend and successfully complete an anger management course. upon that, the matter will should not be reflective on a record.


to file, contact the police in the county where this happened. also, you can give names of witnesses so the police can further investigate the matter.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I live in Mass....the incident occurred in that where I file or can I file in my hometown of Acton?
Expert:  Samuel II replied 8 years ago.



you need o file in Westford as that is where this crime occurred.

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