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Experience:  Attorney for 22 years, criminal defense, from misdemeanors to murder, trials and appeals.
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can you legally bring back anabolic steroids from mexico if

Resolved Question:

can you legally bring back anabolic steroids from mexico if you declare them and have a dr. write a prescription
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  LawTalk replied 8 years ago.

Good morning,

I'm sorry to hear of your dilemma.

As a general rule a personal supply of drugs may be imported when returning from Mexico provided that you disclose the drugs and show a valid prescription, from a US doctor, for the drugs.

Unapproved drugs--drugs that the FDA has not approved for use in the US may not be imported.

If you do bring a prescription drug that is a controlled substance into the U.S. from Mexico, it must be for legitimate personal medical use. It should be in the original container, which must identify the substance and the name and address of the dispenser.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
To bring back other prescription drugs you can get a prescription from a mexican Dr. and it has sufficed...what are the rules concerning whether or not this will work
Expert:  Cowgirl Lawyer replied 8 years ago.

I see that you have opted out. I hope that I can be of assistance.

Anabolic steroids are in Schedule III of the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). As such, they are controlled substances and fall under the jurisdiction of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Also as such, possession without a proper prescription from a U.S. licensed physician is a felony under federal law.

As you know, you can bring many prescription drugs into this country with a Mexican prescription. The reason for this is that border officials may use their discretion in allowing small supplies of drugs that aren't controlled substances to be brought back into the U.S.

However, the rules are different for controlled substances. In order to legally possess a controlled substance within the U.S., you must have a prescription from a physicXXXXX XXXXXcensed in the U.S. The reason for this is that U.S. physicians must comply with DEA rules in order to prescribe controlled substances. Physicians in other countries, of course, are not subject to DEA rules or U.S. laws.

If you are caught with controlled substances which you do not legally possess because you do not have a prescription from a U.S. licensed physician, you can expect to be arrested and to have the drugs seized as evidence to be used against you in a prosecution. They will not simply throw them away and let you proceed on your way.

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Cowgirl Lawyer, Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
Satisfied Customers: 1422
Experience: Attorney for 22 years, criminal defense, from misdemeanors to murder, trials and appeals.
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