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situation on probation, 3 years remain. New altercation

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on probation, 3 years remain.
New altercation with police: dui, no lic, no insurance, fleeing arrest; left by police at hosp for medical attention (chest pains) told to turn self in when released

Is it better to turn self into probation officer or to turn self in to arresting police?
It is best to turn himself into the arresting police agency. If he goes to probation, he will have to sit and wait there, until an officer arrives, to take him away. If he goes directly to the police, he will save time and not have to wait.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I understand you to say that he will get into the process quicker by going back to the arresting police, but the real gist of the question is this --

will he have less total time to serve overall by going to police rather than probation?

if he goes to probation will he have to complete that time b4 they will look at new offenses or will they combine the remaining probation time with the new offenses time?
They will combine the time.
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