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Bappelman, Criminal Defense Lawyer
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My sister and I were shoppoing with two kids in the cart. we

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My sister and I were shoppoing with two kids in the cart. we must have been in there for over an hour, my sister and I did take a purse and did leave it in the shopping cart. but went on shopping. the kids were crying, and I didnt have nay extra diaper on hand. almost two hours later, forgot that the purse was in the cart where my nepher had his blanket on top and my daughter was sitting on it. I went and checkout and forgot the items were in the cart. we went out to the car, as i was unloading bags into the trunk my sister grabbed the blankets including his toys and tossed it in the vehicle. we were both charged with 2nd degree theft.... im just really shocked on this whole situation... whats the best advice...? we wont plead guilty, because we didnt intentionally stole th

You should probably hire a criminal defense lawyer to help you with this situation.

From what you are describing, it appears that you in fact took some items from the store without paying for them, but you did not intend to do so. For the prosecutor to prove you guilty of Theft, they must prove that you meant to steal the items.

A good lawyer might be able to convince the prosecutor that you did not mean to take the items, that it was a mistake. If the lawyer cannot get the prosecutor to actual drop the charges, they might be able to convince the prosecutor to lower the charges against you, possibly to Disorderly Conduct.

If you choose to go trial on your charges the prosecutor must prove that you meant to steal from the store. You will of course be allowed to tell your side of the story, that you did not intend to steal anything, that it was a simple mistake.

Good Luck!
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