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Dave Kennett
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in march2009 i took 2 shirts from macys. was c aught,the cops

Resolved Question:

in march2009 i took 2 shirts from macys. was c aught,the cops came to the store and they gave me a piece of paper telling me to go to court on a certain date. i was naturally goig to do as the cop said and then one day i got a letter from palmer reifler and ass saying to call them. i did and if i paid 200.00 they would take care of everything. they mentioned macys in the letter. so i id pay them and never heard back. i assumed, and was an ass to assume, that it was all done so i ripped up the letter from their law firm and the paper the police gave me. then a little while back in the mail i got a card that said there is a wal=rrent out for my arrest because i did not appear in court when i was supposed to. i nearly fainted. i went to the west palm beach office and had to pay a 2000.00 bail. i hae to appear in court this wed at 8:30. o i need a lawyer or can the court appoint one for free. betsey
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Dave Kennett replied 8 years ago.

DearCustomer- The problem was that the law office was dealing with the civil side and the ticket from the cop was the criminal matter which is separate. You definitely should have a lawyer and the court will appoint on if you are not able to afford legal counsel.


You will need to plead not guilty and not talk to anyone but an attorney about the case. You may be able to get a reduced charge however without legal counsel you are taking a great risk. Obviously you didn't understand the difference between the civil and criminal aspects of the case but now you must deal with this so be certain to get legal assistance.


Dave Kennett

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