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I had a phone call from(didnt give their name just said that

Resolved Question:

I had a phone call from(didn't give their name just said that they were from the federal crime investagation) that i owned money on a pay day loan that i forgot about. I made the payment (550.00)that they asked for and then they called me abck and said that i owed $1500.00 more and if i didnt take care of it they would call police or send it to the courts and would cost me thousands of dollars
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 8 years ago.
This is a scam. Do NOT pay them any more money. This is not how real debt collectors work. This is a con-artist capitalizing on the average person's fear of ruining their credit rating. The tip off is that they give you very little information about what you supposedly owe but threaten you with jail and/or with financial ruin if you don't make an immediate wire transfer to them. That's in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act, which you can read here. Look specifically at section 808 and also 809, which tells you the information they must be able to give you about your debt to establish what and who you owe. (and no, you don't have to pay anyone them get that information).

Call the police and report the theft. Report the "company" to the State Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau, although it's doubtful that any such collection agency really exists.


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