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I need a sample letter asking a judge for leniency when sentencing

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I need a sample letter asking a judge for leniency when sentencing my fiances son. He currently is in a correctional facility waiting his sentence for drug charges. He is only 27 years old and had just getting ready to get engaged when he was busted. His mother is sick, on her second fight with cancer, so we are not sure how long she will have if she can fight the battle this time around. I believe he can be sentence to 7 1/2 to life.

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Writing a letter to a judge can help the judge in deciding a sentence. I do not have a sample letter however. The reason being that a heartfelt letter is more effective than a formulaic one that is based upon a sample. However, I will try to walk you through it so you get the help you need, while keeping the letter heart felt and genuine.


Date the letter


Make a reference to the case number XXXXX at least who you are writing for--for example RE: John Doe


Address the judge by his title and last name--for example Dear Judge Smith,


Explain who you are writing on behalf of--I am writing on behalf of John Doe, my daughter's fiancee.


Explain who you are--I am XXXXX XXXXX, XXXXX Doe has dated my daughter for ___ years and over that time I have got to know John really well.


Provide examples of how John is a good person--babysits, helps with charities, etc.


Explain why there should be leniency--His motther is sick, he was to get married, it is his first offense, etc.


Respectfully XXXXX XXXXX judge to consider all these factors when determining the sentence.


DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES. DO NOT CLAIM HE IS INNOCENT (unless he is). DO NOT BLAME OTHERS FOR HIS PROBLEMS. If there are reasons why he did what he did that would mitigate the crime, explain those, but no judge likes to here a person blame everyone else or claim there is no responsibility on the part of the convicted person.


Close repsectfully, and encourage others to write letters on his behalf as well.


I hope this has been helpful. Let me know if you need more information.



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