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I purchased 1250 shares of Sandoz Chemical IPO on 9/24/06,

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I purchased 1250 shares of Sandoz Chemical IPO on 9/24/06, ($2500), 3500 shares of Tinox, Inc . IPO on 1/15/07, ($6125), 5000 shares of Tinox, Inc. IPO on 12/21/07, ($10,000) -- Total
dollars: $18,625, from Bill Campbell. I have signed agreements for these shares. He is now
being investigated for Fraud concerning these transactions. I found out there are at least
70 other people in my housing community that have invested with Bill. My question is how
do I go about filing a case against him, either as an individual or as a group? I know my
investment exceeds the small claims court amount. Any information you can give me would
be very much appreciated.   Thank you.    Customer ([email protected])
If you are interested in filing a civil suit, you need to retain the services of a civil lawyer. A civil lawyer would likely be able to represent everyone against the defendant. You can find a civil attorney by contacting your local bar association for a referral or simply asking around. I would suggest meeting with more than one attorney, go with the one you are the most comfortable with.

If you are concerned with how you file charges on this individual, I would contact your local district attorney's office. You might also try contacting the local office of the United State's Attorney. This could end up in federal court.
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