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Is a verbal trespass warning recorded by the local police department

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Is a verbal trespass warning recorded by the local police department such that it will be reported during a local agency check (for a security clearance)? I was not given anything in writing or asked for my ID, but my name (only) may have been noted by police (and therefore it could have been put in an incident report, assuming the police do that for every call -- I simply don't know). Even though it is not an arrest or a citation, I'm wanting to know if this is something that is recorded in a local database and reported when the local police department receives the standard form sent by the government for a security clearance.
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From the facts that you described, the manner in which that information could be disclosed during a background check, is if the requester actually requested a copy of all incident reports that involved you and if your full name was included in an incident report.

In addition, a verbal trespass warning is not a reflection that any crime had been committed or that you committed it. It should in no way affect any outcome following a background check.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The form used by the government to request information asks for details regarding criminal record or outstanding warrants but minor issues like traffic offenses are often listed, too. There is also an optional space for remarks or other information that could have a bearing on a security clearance. Even though a verbal trespass warning is not an indication of a crime, I'm concerned that it would raise questions or cause delays. I'm wondering if there is any way to find out if my name is XXXXX XXXXX the local police and/or if this they report this type of non-criminal information on these forms.
The only way you'll know is if you submit a Freedom of Information Act request to the police dept seeking a copy of all records of incidents that include your name and date of birth.
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