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what can i do to get a probation hold lifted.

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My boyfriend was arrested on a warrant for dealing in methamphetamines (controlled buy set up by confidential informant), he was currently on probation in that county for conspiracy to commit fraud, (refused to testify against friend). His probation ended at the end of may, the warrant was issued april 15th but the set up occurred in Feb. He was ordered to pay restitution and court cost, he had been making payments. the probation officer caims the fees need to be paid before a hold preventing his bail can be released. the fees are around 2000-2500. thats impossible for me to come up with and then paying 5000 for his 50000 bond. what do i do?



you will need to file a Waiver of Fees with the court. if the court does not agree, then there is nothing more to be done. visit with the clerk of the court and ask for that form and have him file it. if the court waives those fees, then they will need to recall the warrant.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
which fees can i ask them to waive? there is 2000 in restitution,XXXXXcosts, then his bond is set at 50,000. He wasn't arrested for anything related to his probation.
they just wont let him out on bond because he was on probation. but techically his probartion was completed.



well technically his probation was "incomplete" or "unsatisfactory" because the restitution has not been paid. he can try to get the restitution and the court costs waived, as well as any outstanding supervision fees


the other thing is to speak to the PO and see if the restitution can be sent to a state central collection agency since he had complete the time limit portion of the probation.

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