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my 11 yr old grandson says he was sexually molested by his

Resolved Question:

my 11 yr old grandson says he was sexually molested by his mother on many occasions. the parents are going through a bad divorce and both have said many nasty things to each other over the phone as she lives in a different state.i reported the sexual abuse to authorities and cps found it verified. they turned it over to a detective who said he believed it ,also, but then he changed his mind and finds it unsubstantiated. the mother that did this was in over fifty adult films and is an admitted cocaine user for the last twelve years. she also admits to sexual deviation in her past with her husband. she has put together about 12 pages of transcriptions which supposedly are from phone voice mails, text messages and live conversations with her husband. none of this was verified to even be true .she has evidently illegally taped live conversation and made it into voice message.who can i turn to so my grandson can get the justice he deserves and learn that what she did was wrong?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  AlexiaEsq. replied 8 years ago.


Dear senior,


If you believe you have additional evidence, or if you believe the evidence already submitted (including your own statements) will eventually provide the authorities with enough evidence to substantiate, I would speak to the police again (and possibly again, and again). I would also consider going to the country prosecutor/sheriff and or state DA.


You don't indicate how you know she has been taping phone calls, nor what would be her motivation in saving and transcribing them, but if you have evidence or the husband has evidence of her violating Florida's two consent law, why don't you try letting that be the starting point of getting charges brough against her. Mostly likely, the husband would have to seek to press the charges, as he is the only one who can state of the necessary elements - that he didn't know or consent.


He should also discuss with CPS what evidence they relied on to find substantiation (beyond yoru testimoney that your grandson told you - the detective probably believes that you are motivated by wanting the husband (I assume that is your son?? or no?) to prevail on the issues, including custody, in the divorce and so your own testimony may not be the best you can get. The father can file a Motion with the divorce court to disallow visitation with the mother (and/or put custody in him if it isn't already) and at best, XXXXX XXXXX


Finally, but most importantly, your grandson should probably be in some very reputable counseling/therapy to help him cope with and survive in a healthy fastion from this horrendous abuse - not only does he need it, but it would be hard to believe the allegations of a father or grandparent if they didn't follow up with their allegations by getting the child the much needed psyological care he needs.


Hope this helps to clarify.

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Stephanie Joy



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