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After my 14th traffic stop last nite I asked to speak to the

Resolved Question:

After my 14th traffic stop last nite I asked to speak to the officer's supervisor.when the sargent came he told me racial profiling is in fact illegal criminal profiling is allowed and legal if so what is the difference. because to me 14 traffic stops in 2yrs for mostly made up excuses to justify the stops in the first place and it not d.w.b. black male in newer cadillac lets see what we can find out about him. p,s I have filed 2 complaints allready.W.J. O'side C.A.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Cedric replied 8 years ago.
Basically, California police get away with being racist, by stating that they are in pursuit of some black suspects with no addititional information. Or, they will insist that since statistically black people commit more crime are, that they are more justified in picking someone up who they believe is more likely to be engaged in criminal activity.

As a White guy in Southern California, from personal experience, I feel almost as if a certain amount of 'white' immunity exists. While I averaged being pulled over around once a year in Iowa, that suddenly became nonexistent except for two of my blatant violations of traffic law in California.

   I had the same thing happen to my client who had one rear license plate, per Florida law, a valid license, and yet was pulled over and taken into custody for having an expired CA license. And despite all that due to probation violations, I couldn't get him out immediately. I'd be happy to help in any was I can, although I don't want to put anything on the record that I'm an especially dangerous driver or anything.
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