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my son is accused or rather charged with computor fraud...he

Customer Question

my son is accused or rather charged with computor fraud...he say's some one used his log on.and was able to steal securities at his former employer...he was questioned but not charged as the main suspect was missing. At some point the feds decided to hold him accountable at least in part. mostly because it was his sign on..the theft however was not only limited to his log this evidence...the sign on used circumstancial...if there is no money trail leading to him??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 8 years ago.



its circumstantial as they are using it to help complete their theory - they must have more than just the log on - juries have convicted on circumstantial evidence - there does not need to be a smoking gun - or in some cases a dead body as there have been convictions for murder without ever having a body.


if you are not comfortable with the PD, speak to his supervisor and ask for thier opinion in how the attorney wants to take a plea. tell the supervisor that you want the attorney to at least go through the discovery process so you can see all the pieces of the puzzle and how incriminating it may be to a jury before you make a decision


good luck