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how can i get a lawyer to help me with my drivers license

Resolved Question:

in hawaii i was pulled over for dui,in 1994. i did my classes and when i went to renew my license. they said i couldnt because the state of hawaii had them on hold. mind you i had my license in indiana since 1998. when i tried to get my drivers license fixed they told me not to send no money, because i had bench warrants out since 1996. ive been in trouble with the law after 1996, and was arrested 3 times last one in 1998. and nothing showed up in the computer, on my bench warrants. now i live in missouri. and got pulled over on sunday for driving without a valid drivers license. and the police officer told they would more inlikely drop that if i should up to court with a valid license. so in writing to you i need to know how i can fix this so im legally able to drive again! thank you for your time.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  wallstreetesq replied 8 years ago.
You first have to get you official driver record form your current state DMV and Hawaii DMV. Also you will then have to contact the Hawaii criminal clerks office and ask them to see if their is a bench warrant or any pending issues with your case. If you can get a certified disposition from hawaii of your actual record it should clear this up, but you will have to satisfy whatever judgment you have left or the license will not be free and clear. The DMV of both states will help but Hawaii is the key, get all info about your criminal case from them
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