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I have a letter from my sons teacher stating Jarrett was

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I have a letter from my son's teacher stating "Jarrett was texting while at the computer. When I told him to give me his phone he said I wasn't getting it. He said he wasn't texting. He kept putting his hand in and out of his jacket. I made him take his jacket off and put it at his desk. He tried to move it close to him but I wouldnt let him. I was walking him ovet to the office after the bell rang. I told him to keep his hands out of his pocket but he didn't. he turned and left when we got to the office. He would not come back when I called him." He had his cellphone taken for 5 days and went to in school suspension for 2 days. I didn't do anything because i usually feel the teacher is always in the right. Several days later this teacher accused him of stealing cellphones and he was searched at school. I retrieved my cellphone records and found out he was not texting that day in class. and he was telling the truth. this teacher has abused him mentally all year and i didn't
This is a civil matter against the school the principal and teacher. You have to immediately file a greivance against the teacher with the district office and principal, all schools have administrative loopholes to go through first.

After exhausting those avenues bring a civil suite against the school district for damages, I am sure they will appease you and remove the suspension from his record and place him in the class.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
where do i file a greivance. who do i contact and will this teacher be punished
You file it with the school district in charge of the school usually the superintendants office. Also you can file a complaint against the teacher with the state teachers licensing division, she could lose her job
wallstreetesq and 5 other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you