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My daughter was arrested and was charged by the police department

Resolved Question:

My daughter was arrested and was charged by the police department for stealing a jean from the store. she is not 18 years. The police checked her record and she did it for the first time and was never involved in any case. she is a 4.0 student. She has been already accepted in UC Riverside. The police officer told me that since she is a juvenile after she is 18 years her record will be sealed and it will never show on her record. The officer said since this is the first time she did it so the judge will either fine her or give her community sevice. Can you please tell me: a) that do I have to hire a lawyer. b) what kind of punishment will she get. c) She is only one month away from her 18 birthday so will this be taken of her record once she is 18. e) What is that her record will be sealed. f) after she is 18, in the job application where it says "was you ever arrested", will she be saying no or yes. Anyother concequences of this
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Dave Kennett replied 8 years ago.

DearCustomer- If a record is sealed then it can't be accessed by the public and she should be fine when it comes to employment questionnaires however some of them can be quite clever in how they ask.


I can never predict the exact punishment of any court but even adults usually don't get jail time for a first offense of this nature. She will probably get a fine and maybe some community service. I assume the merchandise has been recovered so there's no need for restitution.


You asked about getting a lawyer. I alway recommend having legal counsel in any criminal matter. Many times a lawyer can get a plea bargain to a lesser charge or find some legal defense to the action. The worst person to get advice from is the police. A lawyer would also be able to take any steps necessary to be certain that the record is sealed. So my answer is you do not "have" to hire a lawyer but I recommend that you do so.


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