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I took in a girl in my house,that is a recovering addict.We

Resolved Question:

I took in a girl in my house,that is a recovering addict.We had know her since she was a teen.She robbed us!She took my atm card and used it for drugs,racking up over 700.00 in debts.I have filed a police report and notified my bank.I would like to put a restraining order on her to prevent her from coming into my house.The officer told me as long as she gets mail here,she can come in our home.She has been calling and harassing us to try to keep us from sending her to jail.I want to change the locks on our doors,but,the officer said she can come here,that we have to evict her.How do I convince the judge to sign the restraining order immediately? My concerns are: we have found needles in our home,puts us at risk as well as my grandson,We are 53 and 56 years old is there a law to protect us.I heard there is an elderly law,are we old enough to be protected under this? How long does it take to get a warrant for an arrest?I am very scared that they won't catch her in time.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 8 years ago.



what state is this, please ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 8 years ago.



restraining orders are reserved mainly for domestic violence victims. so you would need to show that she has physically abused you or a member of your family. i dont think the fact that she is an addict and has stolen from you is going to do the trick - but

you can go to the court in your county and file for the RO - in your affidavit you will need to state that you are concerned for your wellbeing and the safety of your family - though you will need to cite specifics as to any attack or threats that she has made.


you will, unfortunately, need to file for eviction as the police stated - you cannot change the locks, etc until you do that - otherwise, she can take you to court and sue you - so the question you need to ask is does she have the knowledge and ability to do that if you take steps to bar her from your home without taking the proper steps.


to begin eviction proceedings you need to go to the court clerk and explain that you need the form to file for an eviction based on nuisance of this girl. here is a link for the CT courts that may be helpful to your to further understand the process and your rights.


i know this is a nightmare for you and i wish there were an easier way - unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished. when you speak to the clerk, keep in mind, they cannot give you legal advice, but they can give you the forms and instructions. also, ask about having an eviction process put on the docket for an emergency hearing. that may be a possibility, too.


good luck


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