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I live in pittsburgh pa. I was recently accused of shoplifting.

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I live in pittsburgh pa. I was recently accused of shoplifting. I had left the store and gone home. 2 hrs. later a police officer arrived at my house and issued me a citation for shoplifting. Apparently the store theft officer followed me out of the store and took my license plate number down. My question is, Is it possible or likely for me to be convicted at the magistrates office at my hearing with possible security camera evidence without ever being stopped at the store or caught with merchandise? Would i be better off claiming to have never been at the store or claiming to have been there and not stolen anything claiming limited proof?



You should get a lawyer. If you can't afford one, apply for the services of the public defender. That way, the lawyer can put on the defense and argue limited proof without you being put in the position of either incriminating yourself or lying. It doesn't sound like there is much proof in the case, but the second you go into court and start lying about being present in the store or not being present you are pretty much going to hang yourself and appear to have no credibility. If you have a lawyer, the lawyer makes all the arguments for you without putting you in that position.

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