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Is it possible to get a pardon or clemency in the state of

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Is it possible to get a pardon or clemency in the state of Ohio for some drug charges that almost 10 yrs ago, and if so, would my records be sealed

If that was your only offense, you might be eligible for a set aside, which is easier to get than a pardon. Just call the criminal clerk's office and request a set aside (or expungement) application.


If it was not your only offense or the set aside was denied, you can apply for a pardon. Here is the link to information and application:


Hope this helps.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I thank you so much, this is a sight that I just pulled up the application not long ago, it's good to know that Iam on the right track. Im not sure if it's one or two felonies, one occured in 1993, recieved probation, got another one in 1999. but if you looked at my summary, it looks like they threw out the first one and reinstated my probation in 1999.
In that case I'm not sure if you would be eligible for the set aside (but it is worth a try), but you can definitely apply for the pardon (no guarantees that you will get it though--they are somewhat hard to come by). Good luck!