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How do I go about getting my probation time reduced or transferred to another state

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My case is in Orange County, CA, I have completed and complied with all the terms of formal probation, and have a job offer in another state. What is the best way to have the remaining time dropped, reduced to informal, or transferred? The charge was possession of a controlled substance, with a 3 yr probation, due to end 10/10. Thanks for your help!



You are doing the right thing by trying to talk to the probation officer and trying to get into contact with a local defense attorney. The first thing to try is definitely at the probation office, you talk to your probation officer about your situation and see how that officer can help you. If that person is not very helpful, then you try in a nice, respectful and courteous fashion to speak to that persons supervisor or someone with authority in the office. Just realize, they do not have to do anything to make it easier for you or to help you. So, if they are not able or unwilling to help, you move on to the next step.


All the while you should continue to find a defense attorney. If you are unable to hire an attorney to assist, then you need to write a letter to the judge explaining how you have completed all their terms of your probation, that you have employment lined up (maybe attach something proving this employment opportunity) and ask the judge to early terminate. The worst that can happen at this point is the judge says no and you continue on your probation.


So, 1. Continue up the chain of command at the probation office, 2. Continue to try and find an attorney, 3. All else fails, write a nice professional letter to the Judge asking for early termination.




D. Perez

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