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i owe money to the unemployment commission. i dont dispute

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i owe money to the unemployment commission. i dont dispute it and i offered to make payments to pay it back. i owed 5163. i paid 50.00 one time and 50.00 another time. both checks were cashed. i was then told unless i had the entire 5063. they would not take payments. i then found out they had filed criminal summons against me for 12 counts of fraud. i have never been served these papers. i now have the entire 5063. saved up and can pay them back. do i send this money? or do i wait and hire an attorney and take the money with me and get served the papers and pay the money. i have no criminal record. i am a single mother and a registered nurse. i have never been in trouble at all. i was unemployed and had to get unemployment benefits.
Please explain what you did wrong. Did you pretend to be someone else, claim unemployment while working elsewhere?

You should retain an attorney ASAP
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i filed unemployment for approximately 5 months. i received 400 a week. my rent was 1000. a month and my car payment was 481. a month, car insurance 100. a month. this doesnt include utilties and food.
i could not find a job. i applied at over 200 jobs online.
i was finally hired by a staffing agency and they were able to randomly get me a 8 hour shift here and there at different hospitals. but i was not guaranteed any hours. it was not a full time nor was it a part time job. a couple weeks while i was still drawing my 400 a week, i also worked a couple 8 hour shifts at a hospital. on those weeks i received money from the agency and money from the unemployment commission. they are charging me with 12 count of fraud, because on those weeks i got 400. plus i would get 200 or 300 also from doing the extra shifts.
You are probably guilty of fraud. By submitting an unemployment each week, you are certifying that you did not earn anything.

Any earning must be deducted from your benefits for that week.

Each week that you claim benefits, you must report any work earnings to the commission. The department of labor usually tries to make the rules clear.

You will be at the mercy of the prosecutor if criminal charges are filed.

For now, I recommend that you make friends with people in the unemployment office.

Call and speak to a senior supervisor, explain your misunderstanding, and ask for forgiveness. Be mindful that anything you say can be used against you later.

If you offer to make amends, you might still be able to avoid the criminal subpoena. You can continue to pay, and this will make you look better if charges are ever filed.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i have contacted my case worker and he supervisor. they are the ones that cashed my checks and stated they could not accept payments as the papers had been filed already with the magistrate. they stated the only way to get the papers pulled was to pay the entire amount. at that time, 2 months ago, i didnt have the money. i now have the money and want to send it. i just wasnt sure if i should or not. if i go ahead and pay it now or before i go to court. once the papers are filed, i was told they could not pull them back. they said the da would still press charges.

I would call or visit the supervisor immediately. Explain that you have the entire amount ready and issue a check. Ultimately, they will accept payment. You will have to pay, so you might as well do it ASAP.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you!
can the DA drop the charges if i am paid in full. or since the papers are already filed do they have to go to court?
Yes, the DA could drop the charges. This is their discretion and something that would have to be negotiated directly if charges were ever official. The sooner you pay, the better you will look in the eyes of the law.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you!
Good Luck!