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I was recently arrested in PA for a 4th dui. I have not had

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I was recently arrested in PA for a 4th dui. I have not had an offense for 7 years. This 4th incident happened at a low point in my life. I have bipolar syndrome, am schizoaffective ( a thought disorder) and have been without proper medications due to my job loss. I drove on a revoked license and refused the alcohol test as well. What is the best plea bargain I can expect. How do you recommend I plea? Should I go to trial?
It is best to hire a criminal defense attorney and enter a plea of not guilty. Allow the attorney to investigate the facts of your case and see if you have any legal defenses. If you refused the breath test and any field sobriety exercises, the prosecutor may have a difficult time, proving you were impaired. Moreover, the attorney will investigate if the police had probable cause to stop your vehicle, as there could be a viable motion to suppress. You should only go to trial, if you have a legal defense. If you go to trial and lose, the penalties could be greater then resolving your case without a trial. Also, your disorder could have an effect on your case as well your understanding of what the police were asking/requesting you do, in their criminal investigation. After your attorney looks at the facts of the case, they can better advise you if trial is proper step. If you cant afford a private attorney, you can request one at your arraignment and have one appointed to you.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can you tell me what jail time I will most likely have to do?

Accompanying a fourth conviction of driving under the influence in Pennsylvania is a minimum of one (1) year in jail. Each DUI conviction in PA also results in a year suspension of your PA driver's license (an additional year if you refuse the blood test) in addition to fines and court costs.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you very much for your help. I am wondering if it is possible to get probation instead of doing jail time. Can you tell me how parole works? If I get a year sentence, when might I be eligible for parole? What kind of a plea bargain might be offered if the prosecutor feels it may be a difficult conviction. Are there provisions in jail for necessary psychiatric medications?

Since it is your 4th DUI, jail time is mandatory. After jail, you will also be placed on probation. Normally, a person has to serve 85% of their time, but all State's and County are different in how they calculate your time in and gain time. If the prosecutor thinks they have a difficult case, they may amend the charge to a reckless driving and seek less or no jail time. You will get any and all medications you are supposed to get, if you are in jail. They have doctors and nurses, who will give you an evaluation.
CrimDefense and 2 other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you