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texas penal code chapter 32.47(fraud destroy removeval concealment

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texas penal code chapter 32.47(fraud destroy removeval concealment writting)-Hi JD , i have asked you about this yesterday but forgot to ask whether a deferred adjudication for probation affect my wife because her visa is expired after the trial date. what other option will the prosecutor sentenced? can it be a fine , will my wife be deported straight after trial or to complete community service for her few days left in texas? My attorney said he can fixed it for $500 what does he means?Thanks.

Her attorney might be able to work something out where her probation is either unsupervised or that it is a day long, so that her leaving the country without being able to report would affect that. The prosecution can seek a fine, community service, a suspended sentence (probation but she'd have a record), or jail time (not likely on a first offense). If her attorney is creative enough and the prosecutor is somewhat flexible, they can try to work around her immigration issues.

I don't know what the attorney means by "fixed" for $500. I'm guessing he is confident he can resolve the case easily with the prosecutor due to the fact that the charge is petty and she has no record so he is charging a relatively small flat fee, but I would ask him specifically what he is going to be doing for you for the money before you pay him, ie what exactly he means by "fixed."
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