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I wanted to know if paying for a $600 - 1000 laywer or getting

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I wanted to know if paying for a $600 - 1000 laywer or getting a public deffender which one is better due to the tickets driving on revoked lic(1st offence) I get my license back in june but I have to start over taking the test, the 2nd ticket is sus reg and 3rd is uninsured vechile the 2nd and 3rd ticket is payable but its my mom car and she str8 them both out but thr driving on revoked is what I could get jail time or fine heavly for.I have no dui or dwi no criminal record but not that good of driving record I have 18 points and I'm on adiminstive pobation which just mean I don't see anyone just pay monthly fee. What should I do I don't want to pay all this money for laywer and still end up doing time in jail. What should I do?
paying money for a lawyer will not insure a better lawyer. There are many appointed lawyers who are very good and there are some that are not so good. There are also many paid or "free world" lawyers who are very good and some who are not so good. I would recommend going with the appointed public defender and if for some reason you do not like your lawyer or feel they are not working hard enough for you, then go hire a lawyer and have them substitute in. Just be aware that hiring a lawyer will not necessarily change the outcome of your case.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
In your experience what do you think the outcome would be. It seem that people with criminal records and dui get better chance they go to rehab and get no time is it poosiable a layer can get me anything other then jail time?
of the individuals i have personally represented, I have never had someone actually be sent to jail regarding a suspended or revoked license, i have always been successful in some other type of arrangement.

I cannot guarantee that jail time will not happen, since there are always variables in every case. I can say that i would be very surprised if jail time was your only option.
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