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My girlfriend is on probation in Wy. It is an interstate compact

Resolved Question:

My girlfriend is on probation in Wy. It is an interstate compact from Utah. She was arrested two weeks ago for a dirty U A. The day after, her probation officer went to the jail to see her and had her very upset and got her to sign a form waiving her right to a hearing. They say that they have contacted Utah AP&P and are waiting to hear back from Ut. I would think that there would be a limit to how long they can hold her until Ut. AP&P or a Judge here in Wy. must see her and decide something or did she lose any rights to that by signing that document ? She really didn't realize what signing it ment. She has been on probation for about one and a half years now and she does not want to return to Ut. She works full time and has paid off all of her fines and public defender fees in Utah. I'm afraid that if Ut. comes for her, once she deals with them she won't be able to return to Wy. Is there a way to reverse waiving her right to a hearing? What can we do to help her ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Crimlawyer replied 8 years ago.
You are right that there are time limits, however, she waived them by waiving her right to a hearing. You need to get her a lawyer, (if you cannot afford one then she is entitled to a public defender) and have the lawyer request a new hearing. This may not be possible based on what the form actually says, but it is certainly worth a shot if she is sitting in jail on a minor probation violation.
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