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I told someone to leave me alone on myspace because they were

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I told someone to leave me alone on myspace because they were spreading personal & confidential info about 2 other people I know. I told them to leave me alone I was blocking them, and would tell my other friends if they started slandering me on myspace. Well they have started sending letters of lies, and slander about me, and also putting it out where everyone can read it caling me manic bi polar crazy, insane. They said they reported me to myspace for bullying them, and I did not. I blocked them and told them to leave me alone. Is this considered grounds for legal action on their part or mine? I have left them alone not told anyone anything, I just wanted to be left alone. Not until one of the people came to me and showed the their letters of slander about me did I tell them what happen.


Thank you for your information. I am happy to assist you.

You appear able to bring a civil action for harassment and defamation against him.

Defamation generally consists of: (1) a false statement of fact about another; (2) an unprivileged publication of that statement to a third party; (3) some degree of fault, depending on the type of case; and (4) some harm or damage.

Libel is defamation by the printed word and slander is defamation by the spoken word.

I suggest that you retain competent local counsel.

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Best of luck.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can they say I am harassing them though because I told them that if they didn't leave me alone I would tell the other 2 people the personal & confidential information they were spreading I am confused? Or do you see as them harasssing me since I told them to leave me alone, and I blocked them!
You can file a defamation and harassment action against them.
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