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retail fraud(destroy removal concealment writing 32.47(a) PC

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retail fraud(destroy removal concealment writing 32.47(a) PC MA- on jan 29,my wife was caught for price switching for item less than 250. I have bail her at 500 and she is waiting for her court date. She is a non us citizen and was going back to her country(malaysia)next month due to visa expiring.I have hired a attorney and he said he will fix it if i paid the amount in full before the trial date.I have told her that i have erectal problem and this cause relationship to become sour, the only compensation is to give her physical satisfaction( money).After 1 year plus,i did not noticed that she actually spent all the money i gave her.I have try to stop her financial squandering from 800 to 200.This thing actually happen after financial curfew.Her worry is this is her first offence and will she go to jail.Do i need to get any paper work for the attorney thing(receipt)? Can she leave state before the trial(due to visa expiring)?Will she get a record and difficult for visa application?Thk.
If she leaves the country and isn't able to come back before the trial date, the court will issue a bench warrant for her arrest and she could technically be picked up if she tries to enter the country again. They might not even let her enter the country again if she has an outstanding warrant. And it will most likely adversely affect her visa application.

Generally, if she is able to get a deferred adjudication on her case it would not affect her immigration status. If she is given deferred adjudication and successfully completes her probation to the court, the charges are dismissed. Since it is her first offense, she might be eligible for that. It is doubtful she would go to jail for a minor offense like that on her first go around with the law.
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