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Hello, My 16 year old daughter was arrested for stealing two

Customer Question

Hello, My 16 year old daughter was arrested for stealing two necklaces worth $40 from a store in the milford mall. Her court date is jan 7 and I am worried that we may need legal assistance. She is going to apply for college in the fall for a major in criminal justice. at this point that may be a pipe dream. Is there any way a judge could up the community service hours and decrease the time this charge is on her record. She is generally a good,smart kid who made a really stupid mistake. I believe she should pay in spades however I dont want this to prevent her from college and a major in law enforcement.What should she say to the judge? Is it necessary to have an attorney? I would really appreciate any advice you may have. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Len replied 8 years ago.



Your daughter's situation is not the end of the world, (of course, it may not hurt her to believe otherwise for a while).


There are many options here. I am quite surprised that she was immediately referred for judicial action. Typically, first time juvenile offenders are supervised informally by the juvenile probation department.


Since she is headed to court, you need to make sure that she has a good lawyer who will fight for her interests. If this is the firsat appearance, the court will simply enter a "not guilty" on her behald, address terms of release, and appoint counsel.


You need to discuss and push the opportunity for her to receive a consent decree or conditional discharge. Under either, no conviction is ever entered if she successfully completes probation. This is the route to take, period.


After she turns 18, she could explore the possibility of having any arrests, (if that occurred), expunged from her record.


But, right now, you need to focus on obtaining a sentence thatis short of a stright conviction. Handles correctly, there will be no bar to college or law enforcement.


I wish you and your daughter the best,




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can you do anything further or can you suggest a lawyer? What is the average fee I may be looking at?Thank you blair
Expert:  Len replied 8 years ago.

No, I'm not permitted to recommend anyone.


You can expect to pay between 1K to 3K (tops). This not that serious, and it would not require that much of a lawyer's time. Try to find one with good word of mouth reputation, not advertising.


Oh, don't hit accept again. You'll be charged a second time.




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