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Category: Criminal Law
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if someone got arrested on petit theft and violated his probation

Customer Question

if someone got arrested on petit theft and violated his probation for the third time is there a chance he could get out after he does his 10 days or however long before his court date?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  nancyd560623 replied 8 years ago.

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Violation of probation is a crime that is separate from the original crime for which a person is on probation, and it generally carries a separate sentence. Whether the court would let a three-time violator out of jail before the court date for the violation is questionable -- that's getting on toward being a habitual offense and judges in general don't like habitual offense.

You need a lawyer. The court will appoint one for you if you can't afford one yourself. Avail yourself of that right if you have not done so already, and discuss the tactics for avoiding going back to jail despite the repeated probation violations.

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