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is altering time sheets by manager a felony

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is altering time sheets by manager a felony ?

Yes, it can be a felony. If the time sheets are deemed to be documents of "legal efficacy", it could be forgery (with a signature or initials). If the alterations caused the loss of hours or other detriment to employees, it would constitute fraud. Now, forgery is generally accepted as criminal. Fraud in the context you've outlined can be criminal, civil, or both. It is a fact intensive inquiry. Typically, you will find a DA's office avoiding criminal fruad in this situation.


Now, as to your report and termination, you might very well be entitled to protection from retaliation and as a whistleblower.


You need to immediately contact a good employment lawyer and sit down in consultation. There is no substitute for that type of interaction. It would be helpful if the attorney has a criminal law background as well. This shouldn't be difficult. The two practice area are very common, because they often involve the same problems and clients.


I hope this helps.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you so much this is very helpful information. I thought that I had a case, but wasn't sure. There is also another employee in the same situation. Maybe this will be helpful for her too! Now I just need to find an attorney.


Thanks again,



You're welcome Margaret. Get a good attorney and you'll be fine. More importantly, don't let an employer get away with cheating the employees.


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