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I spent ten (10) on probation for a burlury of a vehicle (felony)

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I spent ten (10) on probation for a burlury of a vehicle (felony) in 1990. I have been off probation for almost nine (9) years with no problems. What is the probability that a can get a nurses license and own a rifle. I know I can have a rifle in my home, but what about hunting or going to the range. Also I live in Kansas for the time being and how does that affect my situation. Thank you for any help.



i suggest you first file for a pardon to have your rights restored - then you can proceed with an expungement of the record so that when you take your Boards for licensing, nothing is revealed and you can answer no to any questions pertaining to convictions


use this link to learn more on the process


your pardon needs to come from the state where the crime was committed

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Is this difficult to do and what are my odds of it going my way.



it is a simple application process - but thats the end of it being simple


once you do that, you are placed on a list for a background investigation - this could take 18 to 24 months depending on the size of the list - once the investigation begins, it could take another 6 months or so to get back to the board with a recommendation - the board then decides whether to pass it on to the governor or not


look, it cost nothing to apply - you wait but if you get the pardon it is well worth it in the end -


you could consult with a local attorney to see if they would assist - but there really is not much they can do - there is no hearing or anything


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