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I was arrested for DWI in New Jersey in Jan 1996 while my mother

Customer Question

I was arrested for DWI in New Jersey in Jan 1996 while my mother was on her death bed. I was two blocks from home. Several years later, while I was going through a divorce after 22 years of marriage, I did the unthinkable. I became, for awhile, like the man I was divorcing. I abused alcohol and got two DWI's within a couple of months, one in June 2000 and one in Sept 2000.I went to rehab, did all the hundreds of hours of community service, did my intensive after counselling.I paid all of my fines & all of my surcharges.Everything that I was sentenced to and fined has been fulfilled. All except the time.It's been over 8 years now.I have not had an arrest for any thing except when my husband was beating me and was trashing my car and I drove to get away and he called the police and I got a driving on the suspended.I would like to know if I could apply for a pardon?I can no longer walk to the bus and I need to work.For that, I need to drive.How do I apply for a pardon? Is it possible?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 8 years ago.

In order for me to best help you, I need some more information. What is the status of your driving privilege? Is it on a time suspension, revoked, what? Thanks.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

My DL has been revoked since Sept 2000 and will be until 2014. I have been without my DL for 8 years for the DWI's and have another 4 on that (2 for 2nd offense and 10 for 3rd offense) and then two more years for driving on the suspended (twice) after my DL was revoked, within a couple on months. I then gave my car to my sister in another state so that I would not even be tempted to drive.

Any information or help you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated. I know I was wrong, but that seems to be a lifetime ago. It almost seems like it happened to antoher person.

As I said, all community service, all fines, all surcharges, all rehab and counselling time, every thing I was sentenced to do has been completed for quite some time.

Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 8 years ago.
<p>Unfortunately, I don't have very good news for you. The criminal system and the motor vehicle system are separate entities, so getting a pardon through the criminal system would not even remove the revocation on your driver's license. Since the DMV revoked your license, it is unlikely that getting a pardon would restore your ability to drive. Further, New Jersey unfortunately does not issue hardship licenses that can be used to drive to and from work like a lot of other states do. So there's not much you can do except wait out the revocation and then apply to restore your license.</p><p> </p><p>Sorry I can't give you better news than that.</p>