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what should i do if i am being contacted by phone by someone

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what should i do if i am being contacted by phone by someone who says they are a DEA agent and is going to prosecute me for attempting to buy prescription drugs overseas through an email/phone solicitation? This agent says that i must send a western union money transfer to a judge in the Dominican Republic and provided me with just his name? She says if i don't do it now that she has people who will come over and take me away. Also, she refused to speak to any local law enforcement person. why would she do that?
Based on the facts you provided, it sounds like this is a scam. First off, you have no duty what so ever, to speak with anyone over the phone. You have no way of authenticating, who you are speaking with. If this was a DEA agent, they would ask that you come to their office, to speak with them. They would never ask you to send money to a random person, in the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, you live in the United States, a Judge or anyone in the DR, would not have jurisdiction over you. Next time this person calls, either 1) avoid picking up the phone or 2) ask for their name and contact number so you can call them back. Report this information to your local police agency so they can get involved.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
may i ask some follow up questions and agree to provide additional compensation from the same lawyer?
Yes, what else would you like me to answer?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for staying with me. I have called her back several times and she is essentially blowing up my phone with her calls to me. i am ignoring most of the calls. She said that if I talk to anyone about this, specifically law enforcement, she is signing the search and arrest warrant and I will be charged. She has called twice just while I am writing this. If I report this to my local police I am afraid I will then be prosecuted for trying to get a prescription and drugs from outside the country. The company who solicited me already took me for $600 and I consider that a lesson. This supposed DEA agent says that my fine is $250K and that she negotiated it down to $3K by phone conferencing with this judge in the Dominican Republic. She says there are charges pending there becuase that is where the drugs come from. The people I ordered from were using US based phone numbers. So do you think that if I do nothing she will give up? Or should I still consider this a potential problem? Why wouldn't the DEA just send someone out to my house? She says she is trying to be my friend and taking care of this at her level so her boss (she describes as a D***) doesn't get his hands on it. She says he will prosecute to the maximum with no consideration. What do you think?
I personally think this is a scam. First off, a search and arrest warrant is ONLY signed by a Judge. This DEA agent, has no authority, to sign this warrant. Secondly, this women should give you her name, id number and contact number. You should then call the DEA to verify that this is her. If she fails to provide this info, she is clearly not working for them. As I stated before,any Judge in the Dominican, has no authority over anyone in the United States. No fines are negotiable and can only be imposed by a Judge, after you are charged and the case is resolved. As you stated before, if the DEA was really interested in finding you, they would show up at your front door. They would never try and cut a deal with you over the phone. This is the Federal Government we are talking about.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have thought about contacting the DEA to ask the question but am afraid I will get in trouble. I have her name and number, but not badge number. Do you think I can do that without really getting in trouble with the DEA?

I did try to convince her that my local sheriff was waiting to talk to her when I had her on the phone about 30 minutes ago. She absolutely refused to talk to any law enforcement officer. Why would a DEA agent have a problem with that? She made it clear that she was way above any sheriff and that I should tell the sheriff it was all just a mistake. That really smelled bad to me. She kept threatening to just go ahead and prosecute me if I don't do what she wants me to.
If you do not want to report this women, then I would not answer the phone any more. She should have no reason to not want to speak with local law enforcement. The name and number she gave is probably fake, so it has no meaning. Trust your instincts and stop speaking with this person over the phone. Do not answer the calls nor give any money to anyone. If another person calls with the same story, hang up the phone.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This woman is calling every 2 minutes. She attempted to reach me at my home number and I told her she had the wrong number. I am tempted to go ahead and change both my mobile and home numbers. She is very persistent. Last check there were 26 calls. I would sure love for someone else to call HER. She is calling from a reported SCAM number (XXX-XXX-XXXX) which was reported as a VOIP number. She isn't actually in Baltimore as she says. She is likely overseas or in another state using the number as a front. She says she is agent Beverly Carmichael. It would be interesting to see how she responds to an unsolicited phone call.

Clearly this is a scam and it is best to use your judgement. She is persistent because she feels you will send her the money. It is best to avoid all calls. The name she is giving you is false and she will feed you whatever information you want, to keep you interested. Do not send her money.