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I applied for a job and they did a background check which showed

Resolved Question:

I applied for a job and they did a background check which showed I have a warrant for my arrest for 4 counts of bad checks that were NSF in SanXXXXX XXXXX from 1992. I called the sanjuan court and paid the 200$ bail so I will not have a warrant. now the problem is they have a court date set up for me and I want to know is there a statue of limitaions this happened 16 years ago and I would have never know if they didnt do a background check
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 8 years ago.

The statute of limitations only requires that a case be charged within a certain period of time, not tried. Since you had a warrant out for you, the case was charged within the time period required and the statute of limitations does not bar prosecution. However, since the case is so old, there is a strong chance that on your court date, the state won't be able to proceed with the prosecution, as the evidence has probably been lost and/or the victim would not be interested in pursuing a case that is that old. So, you should show up to court and find out if the state even intends on prosecuting the case. If the state dismisses it, you are off the hook, and if not, you should ask for a continuance to get a lawyer to defend you against the charges.

Good luck.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what happens if I dont show up? I cant get to the sanJuan Islands its to far from where I live is there anyway I can get out of going? If they have another warrant out is it only in the sanjuans can they suspened my license in washington this warrant never showed up when I got my drivers license renewed 7 months ago
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
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Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 8 years ago.
If you don't show up, there's a reasonable possibility that another warrant will be issued. The state may go ahead and dismiss the case, in which case you'd be OK, but the judge may also issue a warrant for your failure to appear. It won't suspend your license, but it would be an open warrant, meaning that if law enforcement ever pulls you over or interacts with you, the warrant could come up and you could be arrested, even if you aren't in Washington State. You should really find a way to get there and take care of it. If you can't get there on the date assigned, you can send a letter to the court and ask for a postponement, but if you just ignore it and a warrant issues, it could continue to cause you problems down the road.