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Do you have any consumer protection information about Appellant

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Do you have any consumer protection information about Appellant Reserch Services LLLC in Romeo, Michigan. An inmate sent me their brochure but I hesitate to do business with a firm based only on a brochure and their webside (which contains the same ino as their brochure.) Is this a reputable firm?   --Joan


I can conduct a limited search of this company based on some public records, and I have some access to determine whether they have been involved in litigation. Is that of interest to you?

What sort of work do they claim to do? I'm assuming they assist with appeals in some fashion. There are some firms that provide legal research services, but these are usually marketed to law firms (and not to the public generally).

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, this firm does legal research. They market their services to families and not just law firms. Their wevsite is Sure, I'd be interested in litigation &/or any consmumer complaints. I am wondering why a firm would offer these services (without legal advice) to inmates/families of inmates who cannot afford legal representation. Could we really make good use of such information? Joan
I will look into this and get back with you soon.

I have searched in several national databases for this company, and I do not have any great hits for them.

They are on file with the MI Secretary of State, and one of those basic documents is attached here. It looks like they were formed in 2005.

I also looked at the MI Better Business Bureau site. This company also goes by "University Research Services," and it is disfavored by the BBB. The basic page showing the reports (summary) is here. You can go to that website and look at more information about these complaints. (You need the BBB for Detroit and eastern Michigan.) Basically this looks pretty bad.

Based on this limited information, this does not look good for them, but I did not find any "smoking guns" (other than the BBB reports, which are not favorable for them).

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